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[QUOTE=SweetAmy87]Hi! My name is Amy and i am 17 yrs old. i look pretty much like the average american girl. Light green eyes, light brown hair, slightly tanned. I have really good morals. I believe in loving someone and being there for someone in good and bad times. I would never cheat, i would never lie, and i would do almost anything to be the absolute best person i could be. I do get asked out alot, however alot of the time i dont consider the guys that ask me out to be my type, and, i was wondering, what exactly does a guy want? Some of them only care about HUGE boobs, or how much she will give up, and things like that. not trying t o accuse boys, im just saying thats what SOME want.Well im a good girl, and i was just wondering if there are any boys out there who appreciate that type of thing in a girl. Im not so good that i dont like to have fun or do exciting things, but my morals are good. So... do any of you guys actually want the good girls anymore?[/QUOTE]

Yes, we need good girls. I've noticed that most very beautiful girls are horrible people, but you sound beautiful, and I believe you when you say you are a good person, so your probably very unique from all the rest. Stay that way.

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