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Hey, i don't know what i should do about this guy Colin. I can't tell if he likes me or not, even though my friend swears he does. Me and my friend were passing a note today in science, which he's in the same class and was sitting right in front of us..but here's what the note says:

friend-oh my god, when you were talking about ryan, colin was staring at you and listening do you like him?
me-LMAO! Dude when we were presenting he was staring at...well, not my face...(he was sitting right in front of us)
friend-hahahaha do you feel happy, perky??
me-LMAO! idk, & idk if i like him n/e more. Did you catch him looking n/e other time?
me-LOL!! dude, like i just did now, when he turned around!!
friend-he likes YOU!! he looks at you all the time!
me-LOL!! ya i wish! list ur reasons why u think he does
friend-he looks at you: you shoulda seen his face when he heard you talk about ryan, he looks at you and no not your face, is that enough?
me-LMAO! what did his face look like??!
friend-his eyes were big like he was jealous and he was listening
me-LOL! ok, cool...*smiles* he's still really cute
friend- he likes you!!
me-LMAO! Stop! do you know for sure? and i caught him look at me when he was presenting to.
friend-he is trying to impress you
me-LOL! oh really?! LOL
friend-yep yep
me-LOL! but how do u know for sure if he likes me or not?
friend-I have a feeling he does, will just have to wait and see
me-what the hell is that supposed to mean?! I'm very scared now!
friend-he likes you, that's all i meant
me-uh huh...sure...I hope he does, but even if he did, why hasn't he done n/e thing about it?
friend-well maybe he's shy, or he is waiting for you.
me-LOL, that'd be the day. how should i flirt w/ him?
friend-don't make it obvious that ur flirting
friend-tell him about ur party, invite him, flirt w/ him at ur house. HE DID IT AGAIN, HE LOOKED AT U!!

PLZ tell me what you think about all this!! tell me if it gets confusing..thanx!

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