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[QUOTE=Workthatthang52]I want to thank all of you for your advice! It helped me alot!

But I have one question? I am scared to ask him how he feels. Like I get mad when he hangs with other girls and stuff. So can you guys give me advice on how to fit that question into our conversations?

DirtyBlonde thanks alot! Atleast I know someone who had the same experience. And the rest if you are a lot of help too! Thank you soooo much


I agree with the consensus of views on here. There's no blood relationship between you guys, so as long as your parents and his don't have a problem with the two of you seeing one another, I can't imagine why anyone else would, either, and if they do have a problem with it, then so what?

Second, you don't have the right to get mad at him hanging out with other girls, so drop it. It isn't like you're boyfriend and girlfriend or whatever, and even if you were, you still wouldn't have the right to get mad at that. Being immature and possessive is the fastest way to drive him away, believe me, so learn how to be un-jealous and don't bring it up in a conversation with him.

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