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ok sorry for this long post. But I seriously need someones opinion on this.

ok so my best friend is living with this girl who is her girlfriend but she is not gay.
she just had bad luck with guys so she tried being with a girl.
It's a wierd story but its nothing controversial just bad choices made.
And my best friend admitted to sort of liking me
we spent some time together earlier this year and it was fun
and then over time things just took a wierd turn for her
so here goes

a couple of nights ago. my friend called on the phone sounding really freaky. like I thought she was dying or something. and then yeah I called back like 7 minutes later and she seemed upset and all . and she kept saying stuff but I couldnt understand her over the crying and sobbing. but she wanted to come here cause she didnt want to be alone, so supposedly she was by herself. so I was like uh yeah sure. and yeah she came. and she seemed ook. considering how she was on the phone. had me worried sick. and she came in with make up on her hair was straight, and she was dressed in this skimpy top. looked like she came from a party or something . yet on the phone she said she looked like crap.
and so she came in my room. I closed the door. and shes like is this ur new bed, and I was like yeah! cause I told her I bought a new one cause she asked one time before what I had wasted my money on. cause I didnt think nothing of it. but it seemed odd that she brought it up.
and then she just like hugged me like kind of wierd like I didnt even get to ask whats wrong , cause before I knew it she had her arms around me. and I was like awwww someone needs a hug. and I was like whats wrong? and all they said was just hold me. and they still seemed sad.
so I was like there hugging her for about a half a minute . and i was like ooh im missing the movie. cause my mom rented me a dvd earlier cause i was feeling kind of ill from stress. and so i was like ahh im missing the movie so i like reached to get the remote to pause it or stop it or whatever. and shes like NO! it didnt seem agressive but kind of sad. like they didnt want to talk, just be held.
and well im tall so i was like leaning on her so I was like I better sit down.
but she didnt sit down . so I'm just there thinking like uhhh dont you want to sit down and talk about whats buggin you? and she just grabbed my left hand and started rubbing it, i guess caressing is the proper term. like she put it to her face and then started rubbing my entire arm up to my shoulder and even rolled up my sleeve. and i was like whoa! cause i was like uh oh! cause I was there thinking like whoa! what if something started to happen here. and before I knew it , it did!
Cause I was like trying to talk about something else, cause i was geting nervous. and then she like put both my hands on her face. and i was like touching her face haha. and then she put her hands on my face. and i was just there thinking, like is she ok?

Then I was like trying to talk to her and she got in my face and kissed me. I'm all looking at the tv trying to think of what to say and she kissed me! and i was just like whoa! thinking like what was that! and then she did it again and I was like damn! I cant believe this is happening! and then i tried to talk to her and she just said shut up and kiss me! and well I didnt even have time to react . and I know that if I pushed her away that would have made her even more upset. and so I was just like damn we are making out! and I mean that was like my first kiss so yeah I didnt get to enjoy it cause it just happened so suddenly. I mean I was like DAMN! like oh my god! just couldnt believe this! and I mean it happened so ubruptly that I didnt get to react. I liked it but then again i was just so suprised that i dont even know. i mean it wasnt how i expected it to feel like but she was all into it.
and then shes like well I gotta go.
and so im thinking, what the hell just happened? like did that establish something, or was she just in a horney mood? or is she trying to get back at her girlfriend?
and then shes like are u gonna walk me to the door? and usually she never asks that. so I was like ????? and then as she walked out she said shed call me the next day.
cause someone dropped her off but they stayed parked in the driveway. so apparently she wasnt planning on staying long at all. so im thinking that was all planned out somehow.
but well its been 2 days and she hasnt called. so I'm not sure wether to think she is ok or not.
and well I was in shock . its like in the message she sent she said she needed to talk to me. and when I called she said she just didnt know what to do. like she was just all panicky and needed to be somewhere else. and then she comes here and doesnt even say anything on the subject. so its like dang she came all that way just for that?
so I don't know. im thinking that she had a fight with her girlfriend about me. cause she even told me that this girl still thinks that we are together somehow. saying that she wants me and that u talk to him on the phone like hes ur boyfriend.

maybe my friend got in a fight with her about me. and thats why she was upset. cause earlier that day she said that her girlfriend just doesnt trust her at all yet the girl talks on the phone with her ex and starts talking crap about my friend. so its like maybe there was an argument. and she admitted to liking me or something along those lines. the girlfriend stormed out. and my friend called me. and well u know the rest. so maybe she just said the hell with it and went in for the kill . thats what I am strongly believing is what the case is.

or could be she just wanted to make out with a guy for a change instead of a girl haha.
or she wanted to make the girlfriend jealous. and finally give her something to actually argue about for once , instead of making false accusations.
or maybe she was just feeling vulnerable and that was the only way she could handle the stress and anger. but that would be the last possibility I guess. because it just doesnt seem like what she would do in that situation.

and well im confused myself. I just dont know what to make of what happened. should I ignore it and just leave it in the past? should i be expecting a relationship out of this? was it all just a big mistake? (which i dont think it is cause she had time to think about it on the way over here and then on the way back. so she would have called right after if it was just a mistake)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, for this has been on my mind for the past several days.

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