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[QUOTE=Passion4BskBall]the past few weeks i have been giving him crap on giving his mom respect.. and i think i was wrong.. after seeing how his home life is its a wonder that he is not a worse person. I dont understand how he respects women so much. His mother yells at him for no reason.. she hit him today because his room wasnt perfectly clean. He still likes to party and stuff but he said that he wont drink the way he used to. (not as much)

him and i knew eachother since august.. and he has never pressured me into anything and stuff.. i really care about him and i know i can help him.
We are out of school so the counselor thing may have to wait. He is only on probation for Guilty by Association.. he was at a school when he was ten and some kids vandalised it sorta. they broke a window i think and he just sat there and watched for people i guess. Today his mom told him to clean his room and put the dishes away and stuff.. and i just said.. to him over the phone.. dont make a big deal out of it.. just do it... and he did.. so he is starting to get better..

Now.. he is sorta jealous of my best friend.. who is a guy.. and my best friend likes me.. I dont really know what to do about it.. i have talked to them and they say they are all right but my bf says now and then he is jealous and he doesnt like the thought that i hang out with him... and stuff. He knows nothing will happen between us i guess its more just a "shes with some other guy right know instead of me" kinda thing.. but he doesnt really get mad at me and he has NEVER hit me. Infact one time he said "i was so close to hitting Mr. Annenburg. he like blew my fuse" (he is a teacher) and i was just kidding around and said "I hope i never blow your fuse" and he said "if you seriously think i would ever hit you then i dont want to be with you anymore because i care to much about you" so i know he cares about me.. i think maybe he is kinda just guy who hasnt had many relations.. and even if we dont last then i still want to know that i made some sort of impact on his life.... for the better.

so if theres anything about how to make them both not jealous then that would be great..


For one, since this family has a lot of issues maybe you should suggest that they go to family counseling together. This will help get thier problems out openly and hopfully fix things. Its be tough though because the whole family will have to agree to do it.

As for these two boys being jealous of each other thier is not much that you can do because one is your BF which should be trust worthy of you and respect that your best friend. As for you bestfriend he may like you but has to accept the fact you have a boyfriend and get over the jealousy.

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