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I have had a thing for my friend Kimberley's boyfriend since before they even started going out. I know I'm not supposed to pursue friends's boyfriends, but its not like we're that close or anything...I feel like a horrible person for saying that but its true. I want him really badly, but he is off-limits ovbiously because he is taken. And I am able to get over guys easily (for those of you who knew about Alex I'm over him now...) but the problem is is that he flirts with me like all the time!! Its constant and I don't want to but I do and I don't feel that bad about the flirting but I feel bad about the end results. I ended up kissing him once and we kinda made out in the guys locker room, which I could get in trouble for too. We decided we couldn't do that any more and we have kept it from Kimberley, but it needs to stop before someone gets hurt. Any advice on how I can prevent all this **** and get over him??

For those of you who read my post about Alex (wut do u think the odds r...) about a week or more ago, I am over him because I found out that he only wanted to **** ex boyfriend is friends with him and he found out. ANd more drama went on so yeah...but yeah yall were pretty much rite about him lol, he wont even talk to me now so wutever...but thanx for ur advice if u have any for me now thatd be great!!

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