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Ohhhhh my, if there's any area of life I specialize in, it's this.... falling for your best friend, there's nothing like it, yet when it happens, you want to scream...

Six years ago, I was in grade 10 and I realized that I had seriously fallen for my best friend. We would constantly be together, always flirting, even fooling around, but we knew it wasn't a big deal because we were so close. We would date other people and everything, but we had a relationship that only we understood. I'm sure you're sitting there now, thinking to yourself "THIS IS SO ME!" When I read that he held your hand in class, I can't even tell you how much I related to you! We used to do the same things... Anyway, I watched him date a girl for a year and a half, all the way until he moved away to go to college. I always told myself that I would wait until the absolute perfect moment to tell him and if the moment never came, then he would never know. But, the second last night before he moved, my moment came. I told him after three years that I fell in love with him. Despite the fact that he didn't return the feeling, it was the most beautiful, most intimate moment of my life and I will never forget it. He ended up breaking up with his girlfriend the next night before he moved away, and we ended up having a couple of "intimate" nights when he came back to visit or when I went to visit him. The next summer, things were not the same and we went almost a year without speaking when he went back to school. I ended up dating an amazing guy last year who I'm still with and last summer when the best friend came home, he wrote me an email, apologizing for hurting me, for not talking to me, telling me he missed me, etc. and we are back to what we were in highschool, except I am in love with someone else. We still have the relationship that nobody understands.

So, as you can see, I had a VERY similar situation. If your friend just started dating this girl, tell him. I waited a year and a half into a relationship before I said anything and I regret it. Regardless of what he says, you will be relieved of the stress you're feeling because you'll know if he does and you'll know if he doesn't. Things might be awkward afterwards if it doesn't work out, but make sure you tell him that you are still the same girl, his friend who he can come to whenever, the only difference is that you want to jump his bones!!Just kidding! ;) Let him know that he doesn't need to feel awkward and who knows... maybe he's been feeling the same way all along about you but didn't think you felt this way. You will feel a lot better once you get it off your shoulders.

Good luck girl!!! Let me know how things turn out! :)

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