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Re: Am I crazy?
May 31, 2004
I understand your situation completely... is your mother asian? mine is... and man she's a cannon with high expectations... but I got out of it and here's what I did (and no I don't have a father either)

I used to care very much about what she says adn get yelled at and stuff, but after a while I realised that she's living my life and it's not doing me any good mentally... So I slowly and surely pushed my way out... I tuned out when she talked to me about grades, I tuned out when she compared me to my friends, I talked back to her all the time, and to be honest, I'm sure she's disappointed in me now.

you can take this a few ways my friend.. you can do what I did and it was a bit extreme but I was very suicidal and at the rate I was going I would have killed myself because of her; but you may risk ruining your relationship with your mother... or you can talk to her about it.. throw yourself at her, your fears, your worries, explain to her how you want good grades just as much as she wants you to have them but with her doing what she's doing, you're just getting more stressed and it's not helping you with your school work. Let her know.. it'll be hard but you may have the benefit of speaking the same language as your mum (my chinese is very bad and mum's english is worse)

Realise within yourself that it's OK to make mistakes, that it's NOT the end of the world if you don't get high honours, you're not going to be a failure if you don't want to be. I believe that you're a smart person and you are not going to just throw your life away if you don't get the grades... I mean come on, Bill Gates don't have a college degree.. he's not doing too bad is he?? I know we're not all Bill Gates but this world is big enough to accomodate all the motivated people. and life is waaaaaay too short for you to start worrying so much now... I bet that you'll laugh yourself silly when you get older and other problems arise...

You're not the only one out there, and you're definitely not crazy.. a bit stressed maybe :P

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