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Ok, I know what your problem is. You say you're always depressed? Guys are not just looking for beauty (although, sometimes it seems like they are...) The most attractive thing a girl can have is CONFIDENCE. No guy wants a girl who is depressed or has low self esteem. That means they're high maintnance (sp?). Would you want a guy who was constantly depressed or insecure with himself? Of course not. It would get really old really fast. I'm not just pointing fingers here... I used to be exactly like you. At age 15, i was really insecure and I really wanted a boyfriend but no one liked me. Why? Cuz I was insecure! Even though I thought that people couldn't tell, they could. Desperation is pretty easy to detect. Once I started to become secure and have some self respect, guess what? Guys started to like me! Confidence is like a really nice smelling perfume: easy to detect and attractive to guys. If you're confident, guys will find you. So, before you go searching for a boyfriend, do some soul searching and try to gain confidence. Compliment yourself everyday. When you find yourself comparing yourself to your friends, STOP. You are NOT your friends so whats the point in comparing you to them? Guys will notice the transformation. Stop being so dependant on trying to find a boyfriend... why is it so important? You don't just want ANY old guy... you want a guy who deserves you! So, first you gotta give guys a reason to want you... start ACTING like you deserve a top quality guy. If you're not happy with yourself or you don't like yourself, what makes you think a guy is gonna be happy with you or like you? Trust me... once I started being confident in myself and gaining some self respect, I met lots of guys... one of them being my current boyfriend. We have been dating for two years now. I know what I'm talking about! :-P

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