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Yeah, it's awesome when girls ask someone out, don't be afraid to do so. At least your not always covered in boys, like a lot of girls. I'm 16 and never had a girlfriend, so don't sweat it. We have over 90 or so years left, we'll make it.
dont worry about not having a boyfriend at the moment. but seriously if u go and flirt with a guy u like. and dont get a reaction out of him. then thats when u should worry. but dont expect a guy to just go after u.

im 19 and i still havent had a girlfriend, yet ive had several opportunities. and by that i mean, that the situation was always that a girl pursued me. not the other way around. cause yeah ive never had the intention of going and asking a girl out cause i thought they were attractive, cause i know nothing about them or who they are.

so dont expect a guy to just sweep u off ur feet, it doesnt work like that. once u see a guy that u r interested in or seems appealing to u. then go and flirt, get to know the guy. see if u have things in common. and youll be suprised to find that u might just find a good match for urself.

but nowadays girls usually go after the guys. not the other way around. only guys that youll find that chase after girls, are pervs.

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