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Is he kidding???
Jun 8, 2004

I’m so frustrated. I’ve liked “Bob” for 2 years. We’ve become great friends since then, and we hang out almost every weekend. Last summer, he said, “I wish I had a girlfriend who played volleyball and spoke Italian.” Even though he said it jokingly, I know he meant it because I’m the only girl he knows who plays volleyball and speaks Italian (I was born in Italy :)). He also said that he never met anyone like me and that I’m different than every girl he’s ever known (in a good way)… but of course… I blew it. All I could do is sit there and blush. I don’t know, I just froze, I couldn’t think of what to say. :(

Now, I’m going to college on the east coast, and he’s going to stay here in Cali to finish high school (he’s got another year to go). Since that summer, he hasn’t really said much that makes me think he likes me, but the other night, he started talking “smack” about my friend Ben (who he’s never met, or spoke to). He was saying things about him because Ben tried to kiss me at last year’s Winter Formal, and Bob is “jealous” that Ben and I still hang out… even though I do not feel the same way about Ben as he does for me. Then, Bob said that even though I was going to cry when I leave for college, the second I get there, I’ll wonder why I even cried. I told him that wasn’t true, and that I was going to miss him, and then he mumbled, “dude, you’ll go to your ivy league school and meet some guy and live happily ever after.” He then rolled over on the coach, and ignored me, so I left. Now I realize that I should’ve said something like, “what does that mean?”, but I was too stupid.

The other night, I told him that I can say really perverted things when I’m around my friends at school. He then said, “Well, guys that like you must like that.” WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN??? He also said that I was, “the weirdest person” he’s ever met. That same night, he said how annoyed he was with my talking on the car ride back from something. I don’t know, I’m getting so confused, because sometimes I think he likes me, and others, I think he doesn’t. I want him to know that I like him, but I don’t want to be blatantly obvious about it. But do you guys think he even likes me in the first place??? Any advice would be great! Thanks for reading this long entry. :)


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