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The end?? :o(
Jun 9, 2004
Right, to tell the whole story...
my girlfriend and i have bene going for 9.5 months, one of her old friends didnt like me and kept trien to turn her againist me, i think it was jelously or something, anyway, my girlfriend and i came so close to braking up about 2 months ago over this 'friend', i asked my girlfriend to not talk to her as much over this,
she agreed without even having to think about it, everything went grand until about a week ago, i asked her if she wanted to meet up in town during the weekend, she said she couldnt, then her 'friend' asked her 2 days later and she said she would, at this point i FREAKED OUT at her, she said she loved me... blah blah blah, im starting to not believe this now..
last night i rang her to say good luck in her exams, she didnt even want to talk to me on the phone,she was nice about it but kept saying she had to go... to talk to this 'friend', anyway, im sick of this s*it, tonight when we meet up, im giving her a choice, she either wants me or that girl, theres simply not enough room for both of us, its going to be tragic if she chooses the friend but its better than me being made a fool of i suppose, but the thing is, she was never like this, she always put me 1st, so can i have yer opinions please, what should i do??? im thinking about breaking up with her, but im not sure if it will be worth it, i love her too much, i just hopes she chooses me, i always thaught our relationship was perfect but its obviouslly not?? but its only been for a week like... out of nine months, im confused!!!!

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