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Ronny - you need to get a grit on yourself. Why are you so desperate and clingy to your girlfriend? Get yourself together - You tried the BOOK and as you can see it was not as easy as you thought - Books are there to guide you but then you have Real Life and real life is harder - it throws you curves, there are hits and misses and it's knowing how to handle situations. This is a learing experience for you, maybe right now your so bloody blindly in love you can't focus on the Real Issues are in this relationship you have. Your too involved with How to get Her back your not thinking about Why you broke up or other issues in the relationship to help you. Is this really the right girl for you? DO you "like" her as well as "love" her? Does she make you happy and you make her happy? Or is it the catch that is more fasciating for you?

Don't you have a life outside your girlfriend? Any friends? Play sports?
Come on? At your age are you not into music? I'm not knocking your feelings, love for Lexi, or how much a broken heart hurts - If Lexi went so crazy over a tx message, are you saying that if you run into a female friend she won't go nuts too? Then a week after the two of you call it quits she's in her bedroom w/another guy? Of course your pissed - she is driving you CRAZY.

I know this is Young Love - and in Young Love you can't think of anything other then the Girl. Your using a Book on how to dictate How to get your girlfriend back, well did it tell you in the book, what happens when your girlfriend is off in bed snuggling with another guy a WEEK after you broke up?

Take her shopping next week - YEAH, sure...that will get her back to you :rolleyes:

If you still want her back and she wants you back - The two of you need to grow up, stop with the crying, the needness, the games, the book, and have a heart to heart talk. She is going to have to Trust You that you really love her, she is going to have to stop being Jealous and freaking out on you when someone txt messages you, and YOU need to get a life besides Lexi, hang out with your male friends, if you don't want Lexi getting mad about txt messages then See to It it doesn't happen again.

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