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Jun 27, 2004
I'm a 17 year old male from London. Ever since i've been in school since year 7 (7th grade) I've been surrounded with good looking girls (my school is very lucky). Since year 10 I've got to know many of these girls and now in year 12 I'm good friends and very good friends with some of these pretty girls. 99% of my friends have had relationships or engaged in Sexual activity with these girls. Many have had girlfriends and nice relationships with them. Although I know all the girls like me as a friend (which is good), that is as far as it will go. I'm yet to ever kiss a girl let alone have a girlfriend. I currently cannot have sex as a result of a problem on the other Sexual Health board. All of my male mates seem to have a good time with the girls. They are all pretty good looking boys whereas I judge myself to not be particularly good looking (which is probably the reason why I've never been involved with any girls). I've a good personality etc but of course in this day and age the number 1 thing girls and boys look for is good looks which I lack.

Quite regulary I just feel a bit withdrawn and sad when I hear of what went on with this girl, that boy etc at the weekend when everyone has gone out, knowing that nothing has yet again happened with me. I don't feel in one bit pressured to have a gf or have sex etc, there is no pressure there, it is just a bit sad for me as a teenage boy that everyone seems to have it sweet and I'm the one with all the unluckiness (been like this for about 3 years now).

I just carn't see myself with anybody in the future and for me that is quite upsetting.

Just wanted to vent my frustrations and views on here! Maybe I will get a reply maybe not!

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