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a couple of days ago i got into an argument with a good friend. and all this was on the internet.

this is how the story goes:

my friend is very insecure. and she is seeing this guy that she met off the internet. and she kept saying that he wasnt gonna call her and that he was gonna not date her anymore and just feeling all insecure about it. and the guy came online. and she said that he hadnt messaged her. and i told her to just wait and see if he will. cause certainly if hes serious about her, then he would see that she is online and would say hello. and so i asked her again and she said she wasnt talking to him. and i had his screenname from a previous chat we had. so i messaged him an said Hello. and right after that he asked her if i knew his screenname. and so he messaged her. and i thought great , they will start talking now. but she had lied. cause she had messaged him and was talking to him for a couple of minutes already. and she tells me everything. theres no secrets except for a bit about her past. but i never wanted to know anything from that far back. so it felt just really wierd that she lied to me like that.

so i felt really stupid about it. but i got to talking with the guy, he made conversation and all. he seems reallly nice. and soon it go to the point where he asked me questions about her. and i wanted to help out and i know her pretty well. since we have talked to each other every single day for several months. so who better to tell him. and i was thinking u know, from one guy to another. and i really care for my friend. so i was trying to put this guy on the right track. and have him give her the attention that she needs, so she wont feel so insecure about dating him.

and yeah he thanked me for it. he saw that he needed to take some initiative in the relationship that was starting between the two of them.

so then i showed my friend the conversation between me and him. cause she kept saying she wanted to see it and wouldnt let it go. so i showed her and she was cool about it. u know we had already been chatting the whole evening. so nothing bad came from it. she thought it was nice how i went out of my way to do that.
and well she would not stop talking about him the whole day. we couldnt even have a conversation for too long cause she kept bringing up that he wouldnt call her.

and so the night came to an end cause she had to go to sleep. and u know it was a fun time we had. joking around , goofing off. and everything was great

then the next morning. she tells me to do her a favor and not tell this guy anything if he asks me about her. and im like uhhh.. oook. cause i didnt see the problem. i thought that it would make things a hell of a lot easier for her if i did talk to this guy. just to kind of ease things about with the two of them. and she said she thought it over with her mom. cause her mom asked why i was talking to this guy. and she explained to her mom. and thats all she said.
so suddenly she had a change of heart and said that i was 'meddling' in her life. which i thought was extremely harsh. cause i was just helping out.
and she said for me to just leave it alone .
and i dont think its fair that she wants to know all these things about him, like wanting me to ask him how he feels about her, and whats on his mind and stuff like that. yet if he asks me something about her, i cant say nothing. so i didnt think that was very nice, cause the guy seems really nice and he added me to his buddy list, because he seemed to feel more assured that he can go and ask me for help or advice on things , concerning her.
and plus the guy seemed really cool. into computers and stuff. so i mean i didnt want to just blow the guy off , and not be of any help to him, cause that sorta negates the purpose of why he added me.
and so i told her fine. that whatever me and him talk about is between me and him and will be kept private. cause its not fair to him, that she finds out what he is telling me, but i cant tell him anything about her.
and then she said that even though shes telling me not to say anything to him, that i still will.
and that really hurt me. cause it shows she doesnt trust me. i mean , i would never do wrong by her. care about her too much. to try and screw one of her relationships..
and she got mad. and said fine then u date him! i hope u two are happy together!
and she just stormed off. and didnt talk to me the whole day.

so i tried at night to talk to her. and she was being really bitchy. obviously she didnt get over it. and i hang around alot of older people. who are in their late 20s , early 30s. and so the way i have always dealt with a problem or a dispute . we talk about it. and we get things settled. and shes 20 years old. and she wouldnt allow that. she was acting like a child. and refused to talk about it. and said she didnt want to argue about it anymore. so im like whos arguing? cause really i just wanted to get things settled and put it past us. cause we have gotten along so well for such a long time, to just throw it all away cause of something like this. and then she says im the one whos immature.
and im like ouch!

and so the next day. i see that she takes me off of her friends list on the website so now i cant see her private entries. and i cant even post in her journal no more. which i thought was seriously mean. cause who knows what shes writing about me or her other friend. who is also a guy. and really me and him are her only two real friends that she knows. she doesnt have any other friends. only ones she talks to once in a while are people online, who shes never met.
so this guy tells me that its really not cool at all, that shes treating us like dirt.
his problem with her , is that they were suppose to hang out, and it was confirmed , so he took a shower and when he came back she was long gone with the guy shes been seeing. and so hes frustrated that she left him hanging on the 4th of july, so he spent the holiday alone. and i had no plans, so i was online chatting to him. keeping him company.
and seems she deleted him from her friends list too.

and i dunno what to do. i tried chatting to her earlier today. and she just kept giving me attitude and didnt really talk. and i mean, this is really making me uncomfortable. cause she was such a cool friend and for her to be acting like this, really has me quite sad.

so someone please tell me what i should do. i dont want to lose her as a friend.

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