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Alright, My friend (Bryan) is going out with this girl name Brandi. They've been going since around September of 2002. They broke up sometime before February of 2003, and she started to go out with his cousin. Then around June-July of 2003 she went out with one of his friends from school. (I don't go to his school, i'll get on about that later.) Then they got back together around August of 2003. Thats when he started telling me things.

He would tell me stuff like just stuff you can talk to your guy friends about. He had said she cheated on him with other guys while they were going out and stuff. He says she's changed and all, and i was like, "Dude i've only met her once, you've known her for like a year." Then he started telling me things that she told him. I'll tell the stories I can remember (probably all of them.) One of the stories is that Her breasts were EXTREMELY LARGE. He told me that she would have to use Duct-Tape to make them appear smaller. I asked him how she would do it (because i can't/couldn't think of a way to make them smaller? if anyone can please explain!) and he would say oh man i don't she just would. Then he says that she told him she had to have a breast reduction. Then what do you know, she did. He said he couldn't tell the difference. And i'm pretty damn sure that a Breast Reduction is expensive. Oh and i forgot to add... HER MOM'S INSURANCE COVERED ALL OF THE SURGERY! It was about this point at when i started to think this girl is full of it. Oh and i saw her before the "Operation" and to be honest they were probably an A. So i don't think they were very large, and then she used the tape to make em smaller. Alright... i think thats all on that story. Oh yeah she was only 12 or 13 at the time, and i know girls at that age can have large breasts, but she didn't. Almost forgot, i talked to his cousin on June 26th and he was like This is crap what she tells him.

Then later on he tells me that she has a "Twin Sister" named Kayla. I asked him if he had ever talked to or seen "Kayla" before, and he said no. He said "Kayla" lives with her dad. (Brandi's Parents are divorced and Brandi lives with her mom and her moms sister.) Then a while later he tells me that she told him that "Kayla" and her dad live in Seattle. Then, "Kayla's" dad sexually abuises her. Then somehow Her dad "dies." Then "Kayla" has to move to Japan (Becuase that's where the closet relatives live.) Then she becomes a hooker in Japan, makin $21,000 dollars a night. Yeah that's right TWENTY-ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS A NIGHT! I told him things like, "Dude, I think that'd be really hard to be a prostitute and make that much money in ONE NIGHT." He's like dude Brandi wouldn't lie to me. Oh yeah, i forgot, then about a day later "Kayla" dies.

And sometime (not quite sure when i get confused with times with all these lies.) he tells me that her Aunt (who she lives with) buys her sex toys and things of the sort. (sorry Moderator if that's against a rule or something) He claims that She says he Aunt just wants to "prepare" her for when her and Bryan actually have sex. He's already told me he doesn't want to have sex until he's married anyways.

Also, somewhere in these times, she tells him she is going to get a driver's license. (Let me remind you, she was only 13 at the time, and prolly still is now, or she's 14, idk it doesn't matter.) He said that if her mom signed this thing (she had already got the forms from the Police.) Oh yeah and the same day he told me this he also told me that She is getting her own car, an Electric car, that is. Oh yeah and then she's moving to a 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Appartment. And i mean All by herself. A 13 year old girl living in a huge appartment all by herself. Oh and i forgot to mention Her mom and her Aunt are paying for the Power, The water, the monthly bills for the appartment all that good stuff. I told him, "The day i see Her drive up to your house (he lives 2 doors down) by herself, in her white Electical Car, with her drivers license, and then she takes you and me back to HER appartment, then I will believe something she says." He goes, dude you'll see, you'll see. I was like alright. That reminds me, this was about 9 months ago maybe... it never happened, i'll ask him tomorrow or somethin what happened. (who wants to bet 5 bucks that her mom lost the forms to fill out, and the police station doesn't have anymore?)

I know he's not makin this girl up, cuz i've seen her about 3-4 times and talked to her on the phone plenty of times. I know she's lying, i never say anything about that stuff tho. My friend, he's not the Brightest Crayon in the box but i think he should know better. I just can't believe he believes this BS. He says that she won't cheat on him again cuz she's "Changed" and i say how do YOU know for a fact she's changed dude? and hes like she just has. I'm like whatever you say... whatever you say.... Even tho she may just be messin with him cuz it's fun, i still don't think its very nice at all. to her own boyfriend. She calls him stupid on the phone at least once every conversation they have (which is about 2 or 3 a day) I know this cuz he tells me she does and then i talk to her and she goes, "What can I say, He's Stupid." I just hand the phone back to him and i'm like man just wow. He takes it though cuz he loves her. or at least says it on the phone to her.

I tell him to break up with her cuz she is gonna take over his life and stuff but he doesn't listen. And i think she's gonna like make him her slave, cuz he basically does anything she wants him to. And oh man i can't wait until February until he gets his Drivers license and (his parents kinda spoil him with everything he has, he's got at least over 20 grand of electronics and paintball stuff and like everything in his room.) she has him drivin her around buyin her clothes and this and that. man oh man.

This is EXACTLY what he told me. I know for a fact that this is the information he has told me, becuase i can name any teacher i have ever heard of or had, remember and project or paper i had to do, remember dates of anything, i mean anything and what the hell, i even remember the girl i liked in 1st grade's compound word that the whole class had to do. Don't ask me how i remember these things, cuz i don't. My friends, if they need me for a phone number or anything they ask me and i can tell them it within about 5 seconds.

Well... if you've read thus far i'm sorry i've wasted your time and If you can tell me what you think about these stories and what i should tell my friend, please post. Thanks in advance!

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