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[QUOTE=eightball61]But this is his decision & his love life. His sons have the right to be upset and voice opinion but they have no right on thier fathers final say. Some will say its lack of respect but this is what he wants. Yes, is not often you see 56 and 18, and thats why people argue to it but when to people are in love and ok with it then that is thier life and what they want to do.

They will get a lot of people saying stuff or looking but if they can see past that then this was meant to be. His sons will eventually adapt to it. It is very uncomfirtable with having a girl around that can't drink leagally and they can but things will fall into play.

I do advise if this does tear the family up and away then he will have to think whats more important....Sons or 18 yr wife???[/QUOTE]

yeah i realize its his life and everything.....but his sons are also part of his life, and he obiously cares what they think or why would he be posting here right? just from a younger persons point of view.....if my dad married someone that was younger than me (im late teens btw) id prolly never talk to him again. its just that its hard enough when a parent re-marries but to a kid thats younger than the youngest person in the family?! sure its his life and his love life but he'll have to realize when hes 60 she'll be 22....what are most 22 year olds doing at 22...partying and that kind of stuff. also if she ever wants to have kids...well medicine is comming forth but children at 56 is a bit of a stretch. also if they have kids when hes say 60, he'll be 65 when they go to grandparents are 65! :eek: and when the kid is 16 the guy will be 75! now im not saying they HAVE to have kids, heck he prolly doesnt even want them cause hes already done the dad thing but shes young and prolly in a few years she'll want them (even if she says she doesnt now, most girls prolly will change thier minds later on) so what is gonna happen when shes like honey i want kids......

i have a few ?'s....where are this girls parents? did they ok the marriage?? was there an engagment or did you just kinda "surpirse we're married" on them?

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