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i am so damn jealous all the time about my gf talking to other guys, saying someone's hot, saying some guy friend of hers is talented 'at the guitar' or something like that.
sry just had to say that. ok so to explain.

my girlfriend and i have been together for nearly 10 months. she has never been at all unfaithful to me.

we have plenty of communication and ive talked to her about my jealousy quite a bit, and she feels bad for me and tries to make me feel better, but it never really goes away. also, i know it just pisses her off.

she just went back to the south (where she grew up) and called me today and said she had just hung out with all her old friends. she went on and on, and then mentioned her guy friend who she thinks is really hot. 5 minutes later, she mentions how talented he is on the guitar. 5 minutes later, she mentions how he was flirty with her sister.. then with her. and i said 'haha well i hope you werent too flirty back..', she said 'haha i wouldnt do anything. but i had some fun'.
wow, that got my stomach turning. and i dont know why.

what sucks is im such a hypocrite, i cant say how much i love to go out to a party, flirt my *** off with cute chicks, etc.

ive gotten in a huge fight with one of my close friends. he flirts so much with my gf right infront of my face. but then again, all my friends mention it to me, so i think i have a good justified reason to get mad at him. but i know she is just having fun with the flirty thing, and isnt going to go any farther than that, but i still feel sick to my stomach and pissed off when i hear about him flirting with her. or her flirting with her 'old southern hottie friends'.

i think the reason i feel like this is cause shes my first gf, and we started going out in 10th grade. and i always felt growing up (until i met her) that no girl liked me, etc. i grew up really insecure, shy, and feeling like nobody thought i was attractive.

anyone have advice for me? the worst part is, deep down, i know for sure that she would never cheat on me. but i cant shake the feeling.
I agree with eightball she is going out of line saying other guys are hot. My brothers ex girlfriend (when they were going out though) would always say how hot other guys were and it ticked him off. one day he was teasing me about this guy I liked he was like 'she is totally in love with him' and I was like ' no I'm not' and his girlfriend was like 'I am he's hot' and I thought that was out of line for one because my brother was right there. I'd never do that to a guy, I had a bf once who would talk about how hot my friend was and I couldn't stand it I know a guy couldn't stand it if a girl did it to him.

On the other hand why are you flirting with other girls at parties? I don't think thats right, not at all. You have the right to get mad at your friend for flirting with you gf but does your gf know you are flirting with other girls at parties? how will that make her feel? You can't do anything about an old friend of hers flirting with her but from what you said she didn't say anything about her flirting back with him. Talk to her. I think both of you may need to set some boundries if something is bothering you if you want the relationship to work you need to talk it out and you both may need to make some changes. Talk to your friend about his flirting with your gf. He needs to understand how that makes you feel.
What you are feeling is perfectly normal...
My ex-boyfriend had a big jealousy problem. Whenever I mentioned how a celebrity was hott (someone I would NEVER get a chance with, anyway!) he would get so upset and try to get me upset by telling me celebrities he thought were hott... You just have to realize that your girlfriend will think other people are attractive... How do you think she feels when you say something that makes her jealous? Don't worry about it... Don't make jealousy ruin your relationship with her.

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