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Being jealous will just eventually push her away. You need to trust her. And dont say "I trust her, its the guys I dont trust" because thats a cop out, if you trust her, no matter what any guy does to her, she wont give in. And you know that. I can understand you being jealous. Im easily jealous over my boyfriend. BUT I keep it in. Because it will eventually lead to her thinking you dont trust her, or her feeling overly controlled, that she cant do anything without having a billion questions asked. Though I do feel like she maybe gets some fun out of you being jealous. If someone calls me hot, or hits on me, or tries to flirt with me, I dont run and tell my boyfriend because I know it'll make him jealous. I'll tell him if its something he needs to know. But if not, why make him jealous for no reason? He does the same with me. I dont tell him when i think other guys are hot, he doesnt tell me when he thinks other girls are hot. Thats personal stuff, not meant for your s/o to know. So maybe if I were you, I'd ask her to not tell you these things, you'll get jealous a lot less. Ask her to only tell you if she feels you really need to know. To me, telling my boyfriend someone hit on me, is like calling him up to tell him I just went to the bathroom. Its not something he needs to know, and not something that he will lack or lose out for not knowing. Random every day stuff. You wont lose anything by not knowing every time she gets hit on, or someone calls her hot or flirts with her. You'll just get more jealous and more insecure if you think shes got a lot of options other than you. You don't need to know, and she doesn't need to tell you. Unless one guy is being persistant and bothering her, and she wants to talk about it. Or if its a funny story. Then so be it. I'll tell my boyfriend when someone hits on me if the stories are funny ( I can be quite mean to guys if Im not interested, or they try to pick me up in a less than tactful way, so my boyfriend gets quite a kick out of the way I shoot guys down sometimes) but she doesnt need to run and tell you every single time, word for word etc. Its probably in your best interest, and the relationships best interest if she doesnt. You'll feel less insecure, and less jealous, and in turn that will make the relationship less problematic and stressful, especially in the future. She seems open, so Im sure she'd be willing to tell you some things but not others, so I dont think you have to worry about her not telling you things you need to know, if you ask her to not tell you the things that you dont need to know.

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