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Whats the point of moving on because isnt "moving on" just going to search for what you already have with this girl? Why question it? Some people are blessed to have met the girl/guy of their dreams earlier than most people and they will spend the rest of their lives together and it will be wonderful but some have to search their whole lives for that person and sometime they never find them.Seems to me that your one of those lucky few and I know what you mean when you tell us that your unsure and that lust gets in the way but how will you feel when you go and act on that lust and then wake up in the morning beside someone that you dont have a drop of care for and that doesnt know all the little things you love and doesnt know how to make you smile and doesnt know that you love being cuddled just that certain way.Get what I mean? Its not worth throwing away all that love for lust.I understand that your confused and kind of shocked I gues you could say that you find your gal right away and thats ok.My boyfriend and I are in the same boat,I always tell him that he should go out and see what else is out there (hes 20,its not young young) but he always just says "why would I go search for some one I already have?" Its true and I feel the same about him.I do question it and I do look at other guys and wonder if theres someone else for mw but I know hes the one,I was really unsure for a while,I think thats normal and expected when you find someone and Im sure he has questioned it a few times ('specially when we fight) but we know were the people for each other and we cherish every day that we have to go abd be able to do stuff together and so should you and your girlfriend.

Lust is easy,anyone can lust over someone but not everyone gets the chance to love someone like you love your girl.

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