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A Confused Boy...
Aug 10, 2004
Hey everyone, I'm 17 years old and never really had a girlfriend before. I don't understand why, I've been under some stress, but there's this one girl who I actually asked to come to the prom with me, but now I think I've really fallen for her. We were just friends at first, but I think she may have a crush on me too but I don't know.

My prom was like 40 days ago and she still talks about how cool I was and such a sweet date, and she has even suggested that we go on another date, but I don't know if she just means as friends or what...maybe it could lead to something else? And by that I mean a relationship. I've actually had a crush on her ever since and can't get her out of my mind...I can't eat, sleep and I'm very nervous and restless all the time. Kind of like gittery. Every time I hear that she is going to be hanging out with me and my friends I get really excited and happy. I overheard her say one night that she thought I was really cute, and I'm not sure if that's a compliment like being called hot or something in another way.

The reason I'm confused about the way she is acting is because my big mouth friend blurted out that like a week after the prom she made out with this guy. And so I tried to force myself to stop thinking of her, and I think the reason that she wants to go on another date is because she says that would be so much fun and she also talked to another friend of mine and said she doesn't want somebody to think they can't ask her out because they think she has a boyfriend!!!! VERY CONFUSING, AND MEAN IF SHE'S NOT SERIOUS!!! Why are girls so complicated with their emotions?

Another problem is I have this friend who I think also has something for her, just by the way he talks about her...but it's been her good friend for like years and is all creeped out by it and wants things to go back to normal. Like, I've asked him if he likes her and he says no right away.

I was going away for holidays and got the prom pictures developed for me and her and asked if he could give them to her because I wouldn't have the time to and he said sure. 3 weeks later I'm at his house and they are sitting on his desk, after he had told me he gave them to her. I was so hurt, disgusted and discouraged just because it was so childish and he lied to me, cold blooded. I waited in another city for 3 hours to get them developed alone. And he didn't give them to her. They were hidden!!! I almost threw them at him.

I'm confused, and need to know what to do!!! I'm kind of head-over-heels for this girl and any advice would be appreciated. Does it sound like she likes me?
Listen guys. I'm really scared to ask her out because she is really sort of dating this other guy. I don't know what to do or what to say. I don't want her to think that I'm not interested cause I am, but I'm also afraid that she will reject me because she is with this other person. She said that it would be fun to go on another date! Why would she say this if she is going out with someone else? Does she know what she's doing cause she has talked me up so much about the prom being a great date and that I was sweet, and I heard her say I was cute. Doesn't she realize that when she says all these things that she is going to stir emotions in me?

Why would she say all of these things when she's with someone else? I don't want to get hurt, but I think I may. That's just outright mean if she doesn't mean anything by it because she is really mixing my emotions and feelings for her and I'm afraid to be rejected.

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