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Dont worry, youll grow more in the coming years.And big breasts arent all that.There was once a woman on tv with HUGE breasts, and she was ugly as sin.Big breasts dont make a person better or worse. :jester:
Almost No one is the Hollywood image of males or females.

Learn to accept yourself as you are & others will also.

Many women are flat, small, & up to huge. Many do not grow any sizeable breasts until their twenties & some never do.

Many Males have large breasts naturally the same as may Females have flat or small breasts.

Everyone has to learn that it is not the size of the breasts that matters, it is the whole person, mental as well as physical that is important.

After you accept yourself you will find a partner that will accept you, forget the Hollywood image.

I did, I am a male with size "B" on the left & size "C" on the right.

I am married with children.

Good luck
Look about to turn 20 and i know middle schoolers with a bigger bust than me~
You will learn from experience that for the most part, guys liking chests is just an immature phase. When they are young they like them but when they actually grow up they end up loosing interest (yes, there will always be some that LOVE them). Just think about how a 11 year old boy with DIE to take a peak at his dad's pornography magazine to see some, but a grown man could care less(they are ineterested in much more important things than two glands to feed babies with). The guys that do care that much about your cup size, arent worth going out with so consider it a gift because it works like a filter for the guys you dont want! When you get older it wont bother you as much, i promise!........When i think about it now, im SOOOO glad i dont have big ones!!!
Ive had guys fight over me and never had a problem getting a bf and ive asked many many times if my small size bothered them. Youll be surprised how many compliments you will get for your small cups!

It changes and there ARE pluses with small chests, here are some things ive heard straight from different males mouths-
"they are nice, hand sized"
"Cup size doesnt matter because breasts dont even have a purpose for me"
"i like smaller ones because they wont sag when they are older"
"sorry, i grew out of my breast stage when i was 15"
"i like smaller ones because they feel firmer, which is sexy"
"im glad they arent huge because i dont want you getting other horny guys' attention, esp when im not around"
"i like smaller ones because they dont have stretch marks"
"they are nicely in porportion to your body"
"i like smaller ones because they dont get in the way when we make love"
"i could care less, as long as you have a nice ___favorite part__(butt, or legs...etc)"

And if that doesnt help...consider that my mother was barely a B cup when she graduated from high school, and is now a double D and wants a reduction :) youve got pleanty of time to grow. Just make sure you have an adequate diet
[QUOTE=tiffany714]okay GUYS, would you date a girl even though she has a flat chest..i mean really flat??? does it really matter?!
because i am really flat chested but not a lot of people know because i have thick padded bras. and im not confident yet to wear normal bras. i have a lot of guy friends..and they always tell me their dream girl would HAVE to have big breats. ughh jerks.[/QUOTE]

well most mens DREAM girl would be perfect, but I doubt not too many people will ever find that DREAM girl so I wouldn't worry. To tell you the truth breasts don't matter to me as they do to other men. They are just a bonus if there bigger. If someone likes you, I doubt there going to stop because you don't have huge breasts. If wearing padded bras makes you feel better then keep doing it, what ever makes you feel best.
hey i'll be honest with you girl...a lot of guys like bigger breasts and there are some guys that will look down on you cuz you have smaller ones or none at all. But there are some guys that would love to get with ya for other reasons. Personally for me when i look at a gurl their breast are not the most important thing and i do not like the ones that are huge or even big... but dont worry you'll find the right person and that sort of thing wont even matter...just hang in there
Totally, 18 y/o guy here, and my personal opinion is this:

NO breasts = bad.
small-medium = sexy.
large = fine.
huge = makes you look fat.

Depending on your body size (i.e. if you're slim you can get away with it) "small" boobs can look not only fine, but hot. On the other hand, small girls with huge boobs tend to look kind of awkward, not my style.

Different guys like lots of different things about girls, so I think there's plenty of guys out there who wouldn't care. Looking back most of the girls I've liked have been in the small to medium range, and they all looked great!

As long as they can be seen through your shirt you really don't need to worry ;)

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