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I have a problem. Its nothing of extreme concern but hey I thought why not get some input. As you maybe have read before about the pizza guy...I am at it again. Now there is this kid on my bus...someone i see more often so its not as bad. Well anyways, he sat with me one day and he had the same aura as this kid i had been in love with before. the kid before was basically my boyfriend, but turned out gay and to this day im not over him. he was truly my first love. ha. but anyways back to recent times, so sitting next to him felt like i was sitting next to my old love. he has the same features too and i know hes not gay. so the day after that i was getting off the bus to go into the school and nobody would let me go...there was a continuous line of people that would keep going and block out the fact that you needed to get out too. so it came up to him and he stopped holding up the massive group of people behind him and said you can go ...and i said thank you very much and he said no problem. im a hopeless romantic and i cant stop thinking about him. if someone does anything to help me or says something nice i cling to them wicked fast. i think i just need the company of someone after my best friend AND my brother both moved really far away this summer. i dont even know what the question is or what you can comment on but there it is. maybe advise me on what i can do to get over this old kid, or what i can do to do something about the new kid, or tell me what i can do to get out of this i need a boyfriend phase. im in love with being in love as people have told me :bouncing:

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