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Well my friend and i have been friends since the 6th grade. We (along with the other 7 of our best friends )do everything together and are always there for each other.My friend started dating this guy and he was a great guy to her .But she always took him for granted.She was basically spoiled by him and it was like what he wanted didn't matter in the relationship. It was always her way.So when he started having a mind of his own she dumped him for another guy.When one of our friends gets a boyfriend he automatically becomes one of the family of friends.So me and him were cool all while they were together.i would give him advice on gift ideas and romantic stuff.But it seems when they broke up we became even closer.We talk ALL the time.He's in college now and i'm a senior in high school and we text in class and talk when i get home everyday.When he's home on the weekends I'm the first one to go see him.He has asked me to go out with him before but i've turned him down because he dated my friend ,even though they weren't in love or anything like that.i do like him and i know we would be good together but i would never jeopardize the close friendship i have with my friend for that.i already feel guilty when i go over his house and go out to eat with him.But he is the greatest person in the world.The kind of guy i've been looking for .So i'm asking what i'm i to do .Do i date him .Or just leave him alone.

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