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Sweetheart, I'm 20 yrs old, and ever since 6th grade (when i hit puberty), all I could remember was having such a stench down there, it seemed to get worse with physical activity as well...I relate to what youre going through, I've always had a strong smell, when i went to the health department, around 9 or 10 months ago, my doctor did a pap smear on me, because it was a physical exam i was due to have done, like a regular checkup, and he said that i had heavy discharge, and i could have bacterial vaginosis (spelling?), then i just went back to the health dept, last week and the woman i talked to, told me that he was a temp doctor, and was only there for a week when i had happened to see him during my visit, and so she tested me, and the results came back negative, so sweetie, dont worry, when i run around a lot too, i have a 'strong' smell, coming from down below as well, i constantly shower, and spray good smelling feminine cologne on all the time, but i too, share your problem...You might have a yeast infection, but you know what as much as ive shared your same problem, ive never once bought monistat 1, yeast infection cream, or dared to douche, because douching is unsafe and it causes potential hazards to the "normal cleansing cycle" that your v*gina goes through...I've had a natural strong smell for the past 7 or 8 years, and its what you are, and i dont know how old you are either, but an ex boyfriend of mine even told me he liked it, and when i persisted in saying i thought it smelled fishy and gross, he said it was so strong and it really turned him on...So basically you get to a 'point in time' when you accept your 'own' smell, and it wont bother you anymore, thats why you have it, its supposed to attract other men, and its called your own pheremones...It just depends on how uncomfortable it makes you feel...Mine doesnt interfere with my everyday lifestyle, if yours does, you may want to seek medical attention, and if you go to your local health department, and u have your own money, u can go alone, without feeling embarassed, of your parents knowing or other people knowing, and its cheap to have a pap smear done, just call your local health department, and explain to them your problem over the phone, and theyll asist you also with questions on what you can do and how much it costs, before you go in...I hate going to doctors, but i love the feeling of knowing whats going on in my own body, and knowing i can get affordable testing and medication also. Oh, and Nasade, when your running around with errands or on the go constantly, and you begin to notice the smell, do you also feel like you are sweating down there too? Because I get that also, I kinda sweat a little bit down there....just keep the area clean, and make sure you are letting it ''breathe'' so to speak, dont wear tight fitting clothing for long periods of time, and wear cotton underwear, also in junior high, i went through a phase where all i wore was thongs, and this aggravated the smell, and made me constantly have vaginal just make sure to give yourself a break down there, and make sure if it continues to upset you, call the health clinic like i said, and theyll assist you...hope all this info helps! good luck...and lemme know how it goes....

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