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I dont have money for college, ive made some other posts simular to this but in more detail, and I have gotten some nice replies. Before I went to sleep yesterday, I thought about how my father changed from loving me to not showing his love and not showing that he cares at all, actually its quite opposite... I want his love, and I sort of want to test it. So I've decided that on my 18th birthday I will leave before anyone wakes up and join the army, if I can't go in right away I'm going to stay with my grandparents until i do and keep it secret, and then if my father ever wants to see me again, he will have to find me on his own. It may seem a bit harsh, but what he has put me through is alot harsher, also it should give me the money to give me a good start on life, and hopefully I can grow up to have kids, and pass along my knowledge of life, and let them have a better life in the beginning than I have. After the army I plan on moving out of state and starting college with an apartment, or just live in a dormitory. Hopefully I will find friends, and a girlfriend, and my life will turn out all right. It seems like a hard goal to accomplish, but life shouldn't be a routine, I think that I should try new things, and If my family doesn't want to be there for me, I will get out of the pain they force on me, and start my own damn family!

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