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[SIZE=3][FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=Magenta]Could someone help me think of ways to express myself to my boyfriend. He's always telling me how beautifull I am and all this other sweet stuff and I'd like to say sweet things back but I don't know what I can say without it sounding all girly and yeah I just would like some advise on the things guys like to hear that busts their ego and stuff you know lol[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
Most guys like to be told he's got muscle definition. Next time you grab his arm or something, just drop a quick "ohh, Your arms are huge!".
Ofcoarse, this can cause some problems if he's actually quite small and knows your its not always useful.

Other then that, it usually depends on what the guy is into. You need to find out what he prides him self on, and build on that. Will mean alot more if its not just some throw away line you could say to any guy. Something unique to him will really hit him in the chest.

id just say what comes from your heart, im sure he'll be flattered to know you think so highly of him
Read the Song of Solomon in the Bible. Notice the things that the bride complements out the bridegroom. You will want to change the way you complent those things to fit our culture today. Work most on the complement about his character. In a relationship, character is much more important that the body. Bluetooth is right. These have to come from your heart not just you brain.
"You smell good. What Colonge is that"

" You look good today"

" Your so sweet to me"

Thats just a few things I like to hear as a guy.
It doesn't always have to be words, it could be actions... you could also try to tell him something about his clothes, hair, eyes, teeth, etc.
[QUOTE=basher52]It doesn't always have to be words, it could be actions... .[/QUOTE]

Good thoughts basher52 and welcome to the boards. :wave: It can happen both ways like though hugs, holding hands, and even hugs.
[COLOR=Magenta][FONT=Century Gothic]aww well thanx everyone you all had such great ideas :)[/FONT][/COLOR]

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