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Man...I swear to Bob...Ok...well if u remeber any of my other post, i use to have a problem talking to shy. Well i realized that i shouldnt be so shy. that guys arent some holy god that you have to say everything perfect and automatically like( personally i only worship one God) Well anywho, Ive been talking to way more a lot of guys. I actually have more guy friends then girl friends now. The only problem is they are all getting mad and say im playing mind games with them. i asked how and its because they think i talk to them because i like them and they said i led them on. And all i was trying to do is be friends with them. But they took it in the other way. And now its just frustrating....Theres this guy Ben that i like....but the only problem is hes a big flirt. And i will think one day he likes me but the next day he doesnt. Its just some stuff he says...Like one day all he kept telling me is" I love your laugh" everytime id laugh. And it wasnt in the normal way. It was like...different. And i wanted to give him my number, but I dont know how just go up and say heres my number? Anyway its getting frustrating because i dont know if hes just wanting to be my friend and im just doing the same thing the guys think im doing to them. They started liking me...when all i wanted was to be freinds...and i started liking him, when maybe he just wanted to be friends. I dont know. I just feel so ugly today. Like not physically or personailty wise...but theres these other girls he talks to( i hate jealousy...i really do) and i asked myself today...what do they have that o dont?? And it seems like the only guys that ever like me are the ones who i just want to be friends with. i just dont know how to...get to know a guy i like better...Im brand new at this...and here i am in the 10th grade( which im proud of) Its just....really ruining the whole relationship factor because i always wait for the guy to do it first. "He wants this to go somwhere he can ask for my number" type thing. I just dont know when a guy like sme and when hes just a flirt. And then i think, maybe becasue im just a big flirt, and there flirting back even if they dont like me. I dont know. Sorry my thoughts are all scattered on here. I was just typing the 1st thing i thought

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