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EXACLTY! Never change for someone, cuz then youd be changing your apperance all your life and thats all it is. Apperence. I agree with Pyroenix...looks are just looks. But thats when our humanly nature kicks in and we see apperence first. I do it too. But you know...I just wish everyone could be on the dating game and talk to guys(or girls) before they see them. i almost bet if you like them before you see them...when you see them you will find them attractive(even if they are butt ugly). Looks are everyones first we act, dress, look, ANYTHING you see...all makes the first impresssion with people. And i hate that! Its reading a book by its cover basically. I use to be really fat and nobody liked i changed myself for people. And i went so far as being anorexic/bulimic to change for people. And i hate that i let myself get that far. That i cared that much. Because now i will always struggle with anorexia/bulimia. And now...i wish i was still fat because people like me for my look now first, instead of my personality. I have guys( not trying to gloat or anything) who say "your so hot, i like you!" and i dont know anything about me...and you wanna go out with me??? Thats a big turn off for me. I will never give a guy a chance if he wants to go out with me for my looks first. i shouldnt be that way, but you have no idea how much i cant stand that! I regret ever changing...and i will NEVER change again for a guy.
But as far as the magazine thing...girls can throw that in guys faces too. We open a magazine and what do weee see? What kind of girl models are out there? They just now started putiing chubby girls up on the run way. Im not big on body really. I honestly can say that. I actually prefer a guy with a little meat on them. Not chubby...but not toothpicky. I think little tummys are cute to. because it shows that the guy really doesnt care what ppl think of them. ( thats one of my biggest attractions as far as personailty goes) The only thing that really...i dont man boobs. Dont know why...just dont. It kinda grosses me out( no offense to the guys who do have man boobs ;)
But ...i didnt realize how long this im gonna

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