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Nov 16, 2004
Hi everyone,

I am new on these boreds, so I hope Im doing this right. I am 18 years old, yes still wet behind the ears, but I have an issue that is making me really depressed. My boyfriend of a year and a half just decided he needed a "break" from me. My boyfriend is 22 years old. He needed this break because he just found out from his friend that I was dishonest about something about 3 months ago. So here is what happened:
My boyfriend and I made plans to go to south street with my two friends. When I get to his apartment, he had two friends over and then told me he was no longer going to hang out with me. We got into an argument, and he asked me to leave his apartment. My friends and I left and about 10 mins. later he called and apologised to me. He told me that my friends and I can come over after going to south street, and he was going to go to his friends girlfriends friends house.(really confusing) We were driving down south street and a bunch of guys having a party because one guy was getting married soon. We went with them to a restaurant and to a few strip clubs. When I got to my boyfriends house, i just told him that me and my friends went to south street and the strip club, leaving out dinner, limo, and the 30 year old GUYS. My one friend told her ex boyfriend what happened (who happens to be my boyfriends friend). He then told my boyfriend and he called me flipping out. He was mad that i lied and kept it from him for 3 months. He wont let me come over and hasnt called me but to tell me to pick up the movies i rented. I am soooo upset because i love this guy with all my heart. I bought him the movie we saw on our first date and wrote him a 4 page letter today and left it in his apartment. I have been crying forever. I just dont know what to do to make it up to him. :confused: If anyone could give me some advice that could help please do so.

Thank you soo much :(

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