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I'm in college and my girlfriend is still in High School. Sometimes we get to see each other on the weekends, but mostly we spend time talking on the phone. My problem is that lately, I've been feeling like she's getting away from me. She's started spending a lot of time with her best friend (a non-gay guy named Ed) down there. The problems is [I]not[/I] that I think she's cheating on me or the like, but that I feel like she's starting to put me aside to be with him and other friends. For instance, she'll be talking to me on the phone (the only time we really have together) and says she'll call me back so she can call her friend and arrange to hang out that night. It took her thirty minutes to call back and she only spoke to two people, spending most of that time with her best friend (I asked her about it). I'm ok with her spending time with her friends, but she's spent the last four days with Ed and friends and hasn't really talked to me at all. Furthermore, when I talked to her about it, she insists that she has been dividing the time equally. She says she calls me all the time, and she does, I don't deny that, but she calls for half and hour to an hour, goes out with her friends for 4 or more hours and calls me when she gets home so she can fall asleep on the phone with me in 20 minutes.
I haven't been feeling... whole. This kind of thing has slowly been getting more common. I know that she loves me and that she wants to be with me, but do the circumstances suggest something different? Am I just being ridiculous? Or blind?

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