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Oh boy, here is a long story...
Well, anyways, I'm 14 and my boyfriend WAS 15. I loved him Sooo much. But, I was too afraid to do anything with him because I didn't want him to think that I was weird or anything. Anyways, we went out for 2 months and then he broke up with me on my cell phone saying " i dont want to go out with you ne more" :( I even remember the exact date and time this happened. That's how obsessed I am over him!!! :eek: Anyways, I cried for 5 hours until I fell asleep. After that all happened I found out he had another girlfriend already RIGHT after he broke up with me. But, we still talked to each other on the phone and on the computer. We still do. I keep telling him that I love him so much and I'd do ANYTHING to go back out with him again. And I know he feels bad for breaking up with me because he even said so himself!!! One night he said he’d go out with me again if I snuck out of the house to meet him somewhere. Well, I was all ready to go and of course, when I called him back, he :yawn: “fell asleep” :yawn: I guess, because he never answered his phone. :rolleyes: NOW, whenever I talk to him on the computer, he says he don’t want a girlfriend. I don’t know what to do!!! I want him to like me again, no matter what it takes.- - - :confused: This is confusing me so much. First, he says he would go back out with me, and then he says he doesn’t want a girlfriend, but he’d still do *stuff* ;) with me. I don’t get it. I WANT HIM BACK!!! I don’t care even if it’s just for a couple of weeks, as long as I can say that he’s mine again. :(

PLEASE HELP ME!!! :jester: Firefly :jester:

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