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[QUOTE=Mecpcpj]When I first started going out with my fiancee I'd also say things like this. I always felt like I didn't deserve him and I'd tell him that. It was because I just couldn't believe that someone could be committed to me and love me the way I was. I've always had poor self esteem so it was a way of testing the waters to see if he really was into me or if he was just a fling.
Sometimes I'd even do things to aggravate him. Again, it was my way of testing to see if he'd still love me for who I was. Even today I still can't believe I'm with a wonderful guy who likes me for me!
Your girl probably has a self-esteem issue and she wants to see how you'll react. She's probably afraid of committing herself to you because she's afraid you'll just end up breaking her heart.[/QUOTE]
On the outside she can sometimes come across as being really confident but then fairly shy at other times. I reckon a lot of it is definitely to do with her ex-boyfriend dumping her, yeah, but I've tried telling her lots of times how I'd never dream of hurting her. I suppose I've just got to be patient; she's definitely worth it! :)
[QUOTE=strawbabble]I do not know how long you are and whether you find this realationship something that is going to last, well, forever. She is afraid of getting hurt, as you said she said. Anyone experiences hurt after someone they loved moves on and does not love them anymore. I still think you should talk to her and tell her that she should stop being insecure. I know I was when I was dating and it made my boyfriend go nuts. He hated it. He would not talk to me after I said that for 15 or so minutes so I'd learn to stop. Now that I think of it, I really think what I did was annoying always saying, So you like her better?! or stupid things like that. I was jealous, I'll admit that. You should talk to her and tell her that she is the only one. Sit her down and have a serious conversation because like you said before you've told her that, but she needs to get it through her head.[/QUOTE]
We could be forever, who knows, it sounds really good to me at the moment but we've only been seeing each other for a couple of months really. Yeah, it could be just that she's afraid of getting hurt. Do you think she could be jealous for some reason? But then why would she be? Another thing she asked the other day was "if your ex moved close by, would you stay with me or get back with her?", which I responded with "of course I'd stay with you! I love you! you're the only girl for me". By the way, the reason me and my ex split was because she ended up living in Ireland, me in England, but I don't feel anything for her anymore except for friendship. That was back in the summer.

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