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for me its always been where. the girl always smiles or suddenly gets all happy when im around. always has to say hi. tries to make conversation with u even where they have nothing to talk about.
if the girl's friends start looking at u, then they know she likes u.

if they are heavily crushing on u. then the girl will probably follow u around, possibly call u over the phone. or nowadays thru the internet.

if all that happpens, then on ur part , all u need to do , is hang out with the girl. find some common interests with her. once she starts seeing what u like and all. she will try to be interested in what u like.

if u get the vibe that she likes u, but isnt do any of those things. then shes waiting for u to make the first move. if thats the case. then wait it out a bit and see how things progress. if u two start hanging out together alot. or she always sits by u and such. after a while, then u can ask her out and see what happens.
some girls like to play hard to get, so that way they will know if the guy likes them in the first place.

i dunno bout u. but ive never asked a girl out. its always been the opposite. and i mean i dont really do anything but listen and make conversation. i dont go being all flirtatious.

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