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ok i got 2 problems 1 wit my friend and the other wit my boyfriend

ok 1st my 14 and my boyfriend is 17 and has a baby. ive never actually met Robby (my boyfriend) but i have met his mom and stepdad and his baby (issabell or issy) and a few weeks ago he was goin out wit my best friend but he broke up wit her supposedly b/c he didnt have time for a girlfriend and stuff like that but after he broke up wit her he tried to get her back and the sunday b4 he asked me out he told my best friend that me and him were goin out to make her mad and try to get her to go back to him but it didnt work so that tuesday i told him that it didnt work and 4 him to tell her that me and him didnt go out but he never did and i asked him y he didnt and he said that he kinda liked me and then he asked me out and since i didnt really kno him and stuff i said no and then he started tellin me about him and everything and then i told him bout me and then he asked me out again and i said yes. but i never talk to him nemore and he is always out with his "best friend" Lindsay and i dont like her b/c she is always wit Robby and Issy and it makes me mad and she knows that me and him go out. and on friday nite Robby, his brother, Lindsay and sum other girl went to the ball drop thinge in raleigh and im scared that i cant trust him but my friend tells me that i should. wat should i do? (i hope that makes sense)

ok my 2nd problem...this invovles the friend from my last problem (Amanda)...ok Amanda really liked her ex boyfriend (Chris)(who is also my ex boyfriend) but he was goin out with another girl at the time but Chris still talked to Amanda bout stuff (mostly sex stuff). so when Amanda go asked out by Brock she said yes and on new years Chris asked Amanda out and she stupidly said yes (chris had broken up with the other girl the nite b4) so today Amanda and Brock went out with her family and had fun and stuff but idk wat happened but Amanda decided that she wanted to break up with Brock b/c they all went to the same school and she didnt want to "hurt" either guy. so now she goes out wit Chris and like 4 ppl have told Amanda that Chris only wants her for sex just like he does wit most of his girlfriends. wat should i tell Amanda so she will realize that she shouldnt of broke up wit Brock and should break up with Chris?

im sorry if this sounds confusing but i really need help with this!! so plz give me ur best advice!!! ty Britt

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