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[QUOTE=JS22]So I'm trying to help my mom out because my 15 yr old sister wants to date men 18 and over and of course it's prohibited yet she is mature and we trust her not to have sex and therefore she wants specific reasons from us for the rule..can you all list some reasons we can give her to make the no 18 and over rule more firm, thnx.[/QUOTE]

Well, technically speaking, legally it's ok for someone over 18 to date someone under 18, but having sex is another story. Kissing, groping, and stuff like that is fine, but any other kind of penetration (use your imagination) is prohibited and deemed illegal. So it's really a matter of a 'yes' or 'no' coming out of your mother's mouth allowing or not allowing your sister to date older men. If your sister is mature and informed enough to make that kind of decision, and she brings the guy home to introduce him to your parent(s), then I don't see what the problem is. It's actually a real test of character and more a test of where his heart lies in the relationship, chances are with the parent(s) involved a lot of men would split. No man in his right mind would do anything to your younger sister knowing that your parent(s) is involved. However, I can imagine there's a high probability that a man dating your sister would cheat on her. Let's be real, she's only 15 and he would have to wait 2-3 more years depending on the state you live in, he's gonna be looking somewhere else to get some, unless he truly loves your sister. In the end, not many men would take a chance dating a girl underage if the parent(s) are involved, especially if he knew himself to be a sexual person, because that would be a ticket to prison.

Not to sound like a perv or pedophile, even though I am only 18 but considered a man by law nonetheless, I find it hard not to look at girls 15 and not have sexual thoughts. And I say this because I'm still in High School and just turned 18. However, I am able to control my feelings and not act on them because I know the dangers if I came across a mother such as yours. What I'm trying to say though is that if your sister is really attractive, then I'd find it hard for any man not to act on their sexual desires, period. I don't care what any man says. People love the unattainable, right?Lets be real not many men are going to date a 15 year old girl based on maturity and intelligence alone, it's obviously because she's attractive.

I know that you didn't ask about the legal matters that could arise but I think it's relevant considering the question you asked.

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