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Ooh not that many, yes many between a girls. I must have couple of starting action with no more than 5 girls but yes it was a lot lol. Two of them already had boyfriend so I forget about them. Then other girl turn me down (it was in 8th grade and I didn't even talk to her too much yet, dumb me), another girl in 9th grade but haven't got the chance to know her (now when I think about it, she might not be my type after all) And now yep, a new girl. Let me tell you why it's so easy if some girl noticed me starting, I'm the only deaf guy in the entirely school/classes and a pretty good looking too. So I don't really talk too much (my speaking and hearing skills aren't great as they used to be :( ) I suppose it makes me more mysterious. I'm sure a lot of girls think I'm good looking, even if I don't take a quick look at them. But because I'm deaf, I never really had the chance to social with them. (Long story).

Back to the topic, I'm going to talk to this girl after 4th period and if things seem to go well (I'm smooth talker too except for my speaking skill lol), should I ask her for AIM just so I can talk to her little bit and ask her out? But would that make me less interesting? Less mysterious? (Girls love mysterious guy, you guy said so). Let me tell you this, now when I ask girl out, I'm incredibly good with how I ask her out. Any advice would be helpful thanks.

Niceguy, I'm sorry if I'm "stealing" your posts. We're having same issue/problem so thought I could ask a little bit and you could also learn from the respond I get.
You know, most girls end up with the jocks and popular guys when they're teens cus those guys are upfront. Teenage girls, or 99% of them are suprisingly insecure, even the popular ones (no offence to any teen girls reading this, im a teen girl too lol) so the majority of them are not guna make the first move.

However you'll find as others said its normally the nice guys poeple settle down with and that get far in life.

Having said girls are insecure, half of the guys talking on this thread sound just as insecure. If you're going to change yourself just for some girl then you can't be that confident in yourself, no matter how cocky some of you sound


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