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[QUOTE=niceguy22]Hey, I'm sure a lot of guys have my same problem, so hopefully this thread will help a lot of guys out. Here it goes - I am 18 and a senior in High School, but I have never had an intimiate relationship with a girl, in fact, I've never been kissed. Yeah, I know, it kinda crept up on me, I blame my friends. I've never been to a high school party, smoked (anything) or tasted alcohol because my friends are literally the only ones in the entire grade who don't do that stuff - like I said, it kinda crept up on me. ANYWAY (sigh), I'm trying to break out and experience life, but I need some help. Basically, how does a guy get noticed by girls. I've been trying to be more friendly,(saying hi to the popular girls I rarely talked to before), working out, paying more attention to my appearance, and trying to build up my confidence with girls.

However, I don't want to be viewed as the immature, nice, and shy guy. The guy no girl really pays attention to. Basically, how do I get girls to notice me without coming off as just a friendly, nice guy? I think having the guts just to go up and talk to girls will be appreciated, but I don't know how to act more appealing. I want girls to see me as more than just a chore to have to say hello to. These are girls that are just in my class, no one I really hang out with, so I'm just trying to be a smooth operator and get noticed, ya know?

Similarly, I like this girl who I've hardly ever talked to at all. To get to know her, do I just catch her in the hallway after class and start talking or is there a better way to go about it?

Also, if I'm trying to hit on a girl from a distance, is a 3-4 second stare wit a smile enough to let a girl know - hey I'm checking you out - or is that just creepy and rude?

I know this is confusing, but this can be like a general thread for all things of this nature, feel free to post whatever you think can help us out. I'll check back to see what you girls out there think and maybe I can get a little more specific.[/QUOTE]

The most important part of attracting girls is to be quietly confident, but not arrogant or overly aggressive. I'm a bit older than you and have had lots of boyfriends, along with many guys that pursued me who I wasn't interested in. Your idea about striking up a conversation after class or in the hallway is a good one--remember that as a guy, sexist as it sounds, it's your responsibility to make the first move and let the girl know that you're into her. You won't get anywhere just looking at her if you don't make an effort to talk to her and demonstrate your interest. Not that it's bad to look at her--in fact, it's usually the first hint (from a girl's perspective) that a guy likes her, particularly if he smiles and then looks away when she catches his eye. You could also call her on the phone if you'd feel more comfortable with that than approaching her in person, assuming she knows you well enough not to think that's completely random or ask "who?" when you tell her who you are. Once you've made an effort to approach and chat with her a few times, she'll most likely realize you're interested in her, even if she continues to play it cool and not let on that she knows what you're up to. This is all part of the whole dating game stuff--for the most part, girls expect you to be self-assured and brave enough to pursue them. If you succeed in having a couple of conversations with her that seem to go well in terms of her being pleased to talk to you, then go ahead and ask her out. Don't wait too long or she'll start to question if you really like her and/or think you're not bold enough for her liking. I would also make an effort to start being more sociable in terms of going to parties and hanging out in groups outside school. You don't have to drink or anything if you don't want to, but this will definitely increase your chances of connecting with a girl. Don't think coming across as a "friendly, nice guy" is a bad thing--while some girls only like "bad boys" who cheat or hit them, the vast majority like sweet but confident guys who seem interested in them. Don't be afraid to approach girls and start up casual conversations--even if a girl isn't interested in you, at least you'll gain valuable experience and come across better to the next girl. Good luck!

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