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Ok, Another, general forum here. Basically, this site has worked out really well for me, but there's still just one thing that's bothering - what to say to girls. Besides, "how are you?" and "how was your weekend" and occasionally something about class (that gets old FAST), my mind is a BLANK! So, ladies, what's some good small talk that you would like a guy, who you don't really know, to say when coming up to talk to you? Along the same lines, I know girls love compliments, but how can I guy give a girl a compliment without sounding forced, overly sophisticated (using big words), repetitive, or coming off just plain weird. I know common words like "nice" and "great" do not impress the ladies, but gorgeous, beautiful, pretty, and lovely, come off as fake and forced, not to mention repetitive. Is noting how a lovely shirt illuminates a girl's eyes too much for casual conversation? Maybe more simple like how a colorful shirt brings out a girl's eyes or matches them? ALSO, what are some good ways to ask a girl out that you are just getting to know? (I think a rose in the locker is a little forward) Guys, what words have worked for you and girls, what would u feel comfortable with? Finally, topics of conversation for the first date. Nothing worse than silence on a first date. What are some things to talk about? And (perhaps the most important of all) what to say when u first see the girl, is radiant or gorgeous too wordy? LAST ONE, girls, ladies, is beautiful overused, is the best compliment you like to hear or is there something better? Alright guys, let's see if we can't put this one to rest.
I think your problem is that you think too much. You can't be a smooth talker if you're constantly thinking about what to say or whether or not it's the right thing to say. It has to be natural and the words have to just flow without it looking like you're trying too hard, especially when giving out compliments. Being a smooth talker is being just that - smooth. Talk with confidence and talk like you're comfortable when in her company. You have to know what to say and when to say it. Timing is everything. Girls love compliments. Compliment a girl on something that a guy normally wouldn't compliment her on, but be reasonable, don't go complimenting her on her curves or anything . Every girl responds to compliments differently though, so it's on you to notice these things about the particular girl you're with because you don't want to make things awkward. There aren't any words that are better than the next when complimenting a girl if you're being sincere when you say them, and that's the truth. There's no reason why there should be moments of awkward silence when you're on a date, because girls like to talk. Listen to your date and she'll hint you as to what she likes or what she doesn't like, and the topic will branch out from there.

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