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ok, well first you have tor ealise that girls arnt toys, they sometimes feel strong emotion when we dont know it and "going to the other" could really hurt someone's confidence and feelings.

living in the UK our girls are different, we have kappa slappas to people like Katie my gf. tips on approach are hard to give unless you know the person becasue every different personality has a different key to the brain.

but basically tips that apply to a wide range of peopl apart from kappa slappas is to just generaly be nice, deep and meaningful. dont go for the slags where you feel you are most likely to get laid, go for the kind girl with the cute smile. trust me it is better for you, plus you are actually more likely to get laid if thats what you are worried about, being it the senior prom and all (watch american pie too much)

so, be nice, friendly, and confidence, confidence is one of the biggest factors to get right. girls like someone (correct me if im wrong) who is confident and does the hard work for them in a sense. say you have this hot girl, wants to get laid, wants to have fun, and she is with this kid with his trousers round his nips and glasses. she wont be happy because ;

he is not confident (oh come on if he was confident and cared about his appearence why would he wear such cloths)

he isnt relaxed (being relaxed and comfortable is a good thing because it makes girls feel secure)

he dosnt care about how he looks (call me or anyone else like this a puff but it is a good idea to look at yourself in the mirror and make sure every day before you go out that you look correct, it is good to care about your appearence)

she has to do all the hard work!!!

think this way, girls are lazy and like it when you do things for them (im sure your not but im using this to prove a point) so, make the first moves and be cofident with yourself.
say she likes you and you like her, dont just stand there and wait for her to kiss you, make the first move, dont be too forward, it might scare her, but kiss her gently and leave there room for her to further the..."activity"

ok but after typing that im guessing that you want some tips on how to tlk to girls?

just start speaking to them, thats it, just ask them a question, in a relaxed friendly manner and build upon their answer e.g.

you: Man this lesson is boring

her: yea talk about it

you: what other subjects do you do? (in UK schools we dont all do the same classes)

her: History and biology

you: ah kewl u like em? i always considerd history but thought it wasnt my kind of thing <---- (notice the way i turned the sentence from a 1 comment/question shootout to a 2 comment/question shootout, this makes the conversation more exiting and more likely to be picked up)

her: yea they are good <----- (she kills the convo)

you: you ok? <------ (lol this is gonna sound cheesey but sometimes this can work well)

her: yea what do i look rough?

you: No you look great but you sound like you dont wanna talk <------- (straight to the point and you commented on her, now you did not focus the sentence on the comment about her, but she took it in subconciously)

etc. you get the idea

oh yea, dont worry about talking to more than one girl, it makes them jelouse and they will try to win you over, this is great, aslong as it dosnt become physical. once you have people fighting over you the pick is yours, happend to me at the beggining of year 10.


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