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Alright yall, thanks and im here once again to update my situation. I learned more today and i also have more to tell. Ok about the death:He died in a boating accident. He did not go to my school and i think that the relationship between him and my g/f was mainly on the phone. They knew each other since middle school (when they dated) which is last year (me and my gf are both freshman) They dated for about a few months or less.

Next:Today my g/f was at school to my surprise, she was very 'pale' and 'dull'. I tryed my best to be around her and keep her company. She partially ignored me in the morning when i found out she left without me to her 1st period class but it was ok, i understood. Then in 2nd period, she was in my spanish class and she was more talkative and she smiled a few times. Then after 3rd, she came to lunch a little late and she was still distressed about the incident. I tryed to comfort her and a little after, she started crying. 5 minutes later she stoped and took out some pain killers. This really upset me, i knew she was in alot of pain. Then after i walked her to her last class and she simply walked ahead of me and said goodbye. I was very worried. After 4th, i walked her to her bus and i asked her to call me if she could. But i found out she had therapy today and she needed to get in contact with some of her friends to attend the funeral of this guy. 1st: Do you think that the therapy is going to help her? shes been going to it for awhile but now that hes gone, is it gonna help? 2nd: Do you think the funeral is going to give her closure or is it going to make her feel even more depressed about loosing him? Thanks for your time reading this, plz reply. I love you guys, thanks -Khashi

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