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Yes don't grill her on the issue. My ex-boyfriend did something one night that I managed to free myself from and it's still hard to think about. When she feels like the time is right and she wants to replay those images in her mind, she will come clean with you. I eventually did with my now fiance. He asked me about it, but he always respected the fact when I didn't care to share any details. He helped me out in so many other ways by letting me know how much he cared about me, how beautiful I was and how happy he was that I was in his life. Eventually as time went on and I felt in my heart that I could trust him enough and I was comfortable to talk about it, everything just came out. It's like I couldn't stop talking. There were alot of tears, but he hugged me the entire time to where I didn't feel so "dirty" talking about it. He tried his best to reassure me that it wasn't my fault, but that's something I'm still working on accepting to this day. Just let her know that when she's ready to talk about it, you'll be ready and willing to LISTEN. thing my fiance did was get really upset and angry naturally when I eventually told him. He would say things like "i'm gonna do this to him when I see him...yadda yadda yadda.." You get what i'm saying? Nothing, would frustrate me more when he would say that. Sometimes i'd get upset thinking it was a mistake telling him. It was over, it's been done with and it's something I don't care to relive. Just hug her, love her...and simply listen.

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