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i've always been a quiet guy. there's no doubt about it. whenever i'm around new people or a girl i like, i'm always shy. it's something i've had to deal with as far back as i can remember. i just don't know what to do. there's this girl i really like and we've been talking online and stuff. she's in my 4th hour and i've always sort of had a crush on her but never really said anything to her in class. it seems like whenever i'm online i have time to think about what to ask her or what to say to her but when it comes to talking to her in person i just never know what to say. i don't even think she knows i like her. and i'm not exactly sure how she feels either but i've always had bad luck with girls. i'm pretty quiet around ones i really like and either they never find out i like them or do and just think i have a terrible personality because i'm so incredibly quiet and "boring". i hate this about myself but i've tried to be more outgoing and it doesn't help me. i've read books and everything. i'm just not a really talkative guy. and for the past 3 years of high school, (i'm a junior now) i havn't had 1 single girlfriend. i like this girl so much but i don't think she likes me for who i am, which is a really quiet guy. infact, i don't think any girls that have thought i was cute or something have liked me for who i was after they found out i was quiet but i don't know where to turn and i'm frustrated. i have an extremely low self-esteem from this. my friends and other guys end up going with these girls and i just can't take it anymore! i've tried, and tried... it's hopeless. anytime a girl has liked me it seems like we never really got to know each other because either me being quiet got in the way or another guy moved in before me. i'm sorry about this long post but i just feel so lonely like something's missing. no girls like quiet guys and at this point i feel like i'm worth nothing more than a waste of a person in our huge world.
[COLOR=Purple]okay lost youth you would be surprised how many guys go thru this in their h.s. years. maybe this might be dum but how about writing down some questions on a notepad and then when you see her you will know what to ask her and what to talk about. do you know what kind of music she likes? maybe you could invite her to do something silly and fun like bowling and that way you could losen up a bit and she could see how much fun you are. ask her out and let her know that you just want to hang out. maybe go see a movie where at the time of the movie of course you will not worry about what to say and make sure you see a comedy so that way afterward you can have something to talk and laugh about. its normal for it to take time to get comfortable to talk to girls so your are not an outcast or anything. for sure you are not a waste and also there are some girls out there who like quiet guys just like you. if you meet a girl and she can't appriciate you for you then she is not the right one and she is not worth your time and kindness. just be patient and i bet if you try some of these things or something new you might think of this girl our someone else will come along and dig you. just watch, all things come to those who wait.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple]peace out and good luck. let me know if you have any questions.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple]robin[/COLOR] :D
personally, and honestly, quiet guys are HOT! i cannot stand loud and obnoxious guys!! ughers...and its alrite if ur shy, u'll come around;) i mean...shy guys are cute! dont think ur a waste of a person!
Hey...I've been there man. It wasn't until I was a senior in high-school (3 months before graduating no less) before I even went out on a date. Heck...before I even held hands with a girl. I was sooo nervous around them. Believe it or not, one asked me out to our "mock" home-coming dance and I said "no" because I was so nervous.

Luckily, that same girl asked me out again a few months later and I just sort of realized that I didn't have anything to lose. It was either say yes or stay at home and watch TV with my parents. It was like a "now or never" decision.

That's how you have to look at it. Unfortunately, asking a girl out for the first time in your life is NEVER going to be easy no matter how long you wait. But if you have any girls that you talk to and that you're interested in...make a study date, or offer to buy her a cup of coffee, or split a pizza, etc.

And yes, most girls (including my wife) LOVE shy guys like you. But you have to realize that most girls feel just like you. Nobody wants to make that first move. It's tough. I know.

But believe me, once you get it over with...once you ask a girl out...regardless of whether she says yes or no, it's going to make you feel better for just having asked.
never call yourself a waste of a person - it's ok to be humble, but to insult yourself like that is a big turn off to girls - because if you advertise yourself poorly, it makes people not want to know you. no one wants to be with a waste of a person. don't undervalue yourself, you know what you're worth. don't force yourself to be outgoing, accept that you just don't like to talk a lot, especially in unfamiliar situations. don't think of yourself as "just a quiet guy" - what else do you do? are you an athlete, musician, driven person, artist, good listener, volunteer? - something is special about you. you'll find a girl you're comfortable enough with to talk with. good luck!
ok, first of all, you are NOT a waste of a person and don't ever think that. Everybody is different, ...the world would be a pretty dull place if we were all the same. So be glad, you're unique :) !

And as far as your quietness and girls thing, you will be surprised at how many girls are actually really attracted to the quiet guys. When I was in high school, all the guys I dated were quiet and weren't loud and overbearing. Most girls I know would rather be with a guy who is quiet and isn't so wild. Most of the quiet guys have a lot more to them then everyone realizes. And I'm sure you have a lot of interesting things about you that girls would like to know. Here's a suggestion, and I thought it worked pretty well... a guy that had liked me and I talked to online all the time finally suggested that we hang out. He was a really quiet guy and really shy, so it was a little awkward at first. But he finally admitted to me while on our date that the reason he was being so quiet was just because he liked me and didn't know what to say and he was afraid that he was ruining his chances with me cause of his quietness. And personally, I thought that was really sort of sweet that he admitted that. I'm sure if you try it , the girl will feel the same way. It's flattering to a girl to know that a guy likes you enough that he doesn't know what to say and you make him nervous. Cause, he wouldn't like you that much if he didn't worry what you thought about him. So, maybe admitting this to the girl will help!

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