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Am i overreacting?
Mar 30, 2005
alrighty so this is probably going to be pretty long so plz bare with me :) My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 6months and we are very much in love. Before we started dating he almost went out with another girl he had met but they never did but he talked to her all night every night during the summer. Somehow i dont know how they both thought each other was mad at the other so they didnt speak for awhile. Well about almost 3 months into our relationship they started talking on the computer again, thats when he told me about her, then he told me they were talking about what might have happened if they had gone out, so obviously i was upset because i felt like he missed her or something (now mind you i am his first girlfriend ever so he doesnt know all the ways of how relationships work so he probably didnt realize that i would be upset by it) So after i talked to him about it we dropped it and he continued to talk to her online which didnt bother me. Every once in awhile he would tell me that she tells him that she made a mistake letting him get away and she misses him and stuff and ide be upset by it, but he would always tell her that he had me and im the one for him and stuff so i would try to let it go. Then this morning he told me that she wanted to meet up with him to hang out, i was like a bit shocked by it and asked him why she wanted to and he said that she said it was because she missed him and wanted to catch up and that she had a boyfriend and he had me so nothing would happen, PULEAZ! but anyway i was about to let him do it until he informed me that they were going to hang out the one day we both had off from work and was our annversary, so then i got upset and told him i didnt want him to go, because i felt that she would try something and he tried to defend her and stuff which made me more upset because i knew from some stuff that hes told me that she was capable of doing so. So he said although hed like to see her he wont because my feelings came first. So i guess everything is ok now but tell me..was i overreacting? im so sorry this is long but thanks to everyone who read it all, i didnt really have anyone to talk to about this and i needed to vent :wave:

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