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Hi Hunter,

I know you didn't want to here this in response to your other thread, and I'm sure you're not going to like it here either, but the truth is, sometimes there's a very fine line between being friendly and flirty. Sometimes people are flirty with their friends in a totally innocent, casual way and don't intend to indicate any romantic interest. And very often, people interpret behavior that could be seen several different ways in whichever way they want and hope it was intended. Nothing you've described is concrete evidence that she's interested in you as more than a friend, and if I were you, I would really try not to keep my hopes up to such an extent that you'll be devestated if no romance ever develops with this girl. The fact that she said she's uncomfortable flirting with you is more definitive than any of her actions--that's exactly what I would (and have) said to numerous male friends to gently let them know that while I want to continue being friends, I have no interest in anything more with them. She's making it pretty clear that while she values your friendship, when it comes to romance she's interested solely in other guys. Just because things don't work out with one of her romantic interests doesn't mean she's going to magically feel differently about you. You should interpret her willingness to hang out with you as a sign that she likes being your FRIEND, not as a "second chance" for romance. She's made it pretty clear that all she wants is friendship, so until she tells you differently, please respect her wishes and treat her as a friend without continually pushing the boundaries between friends and lovers. I'm sorry that she doesn't reciprocate your feelings, but there are tons of other girls out there that very well might! If I were you, I'd enjoy being friends with the girl you mention, but rather than continuing to believe you will become romantically involved with her, why not move on and consider other possibilities? Besides, if she ever is going to change her mind about liking you as more than a friend, it will probably be because she gets jealous of another girl (sad but very true, considering her age). Everything will work out for the best in time...just try to enjoy the moment and not worry too much about the future. In a few years, you won't even be able to remember all the girls you've liked and pursued since you posted this thread!

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