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I'm guy, and from a guy's perspective, I don't think you're being overprotective. It's all the girls who are saying you're being overprotective, but this is such a double-standard. If the tables were turned, they'd be saying that your girl has a right to be jealous that you're dancing with other girls. Someone asked the question whether you trust your girl, and that's a valid question, but it's not even about that. I have a girl and I trust her, but I DON'T trust the GUYS she might be dancing with when she goes out clubbing without me. For all you girls who are saying he's being overprotective, imagine your boyfriend (if you have one) salsa dancing or freaking with another girl, then tell us that we're being overprotective. I think you girls need to factor into the equation that we're guys, and we know how guys are. Guys don't give a damn if a girl has a boyfriend, he'll still run his game, especially with no sign of a boyfriend being around.

[QUOTE=Snails]I actually think you are being disturbingly controlling and possessive. I certainly would NEVER want to date a guy who didn't want me touching hands or dancing with other guys!! To me, that's pretty paranoid behavior; while many women find jealousy and over-protectiveness endearing, those are also the women who usually end up with abusive men. Your girlfriend has every right to engage in any platonic activities she wants, including platonic touching, with her guy friends. You do not own her; she is not your property; and you have no right to try to control who she touches. It's really just that simple, and hopefully you either already understand or soon come to understand that fact as you mature.[/QUOTE]

Take it easy on the kid. How is he being disturbingly controlling and possessive? You said you wouldn't want a guy who wouldn't let you hold hands with another guys? Then, I suppose by that same standard, you have no problem with your boyfriend dancing with other girls or holding hands with other girls, right? So, if your boyfriend went to a club with his friends, perfectly knowing how girls dress and conduct themselves at clubs, you wouldn't have the slightest problem with that? I find that more disturbing, then this kid's concern that other guys might be rubbing up against his girl or copping a feel. Snails, you're obviously reading and thinking entirely too far into this kid's post.

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