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Here's a situation: I like some girl alot but decided but i dont have the guts to say anything, but so far, everything I know about her, I like. The way she talks, draws, everything. Lately, I've wondered what could help me to talk to her, and I wondered that maybe it's the fact that I "love" her or want to tell her that that makes me too nervous and shy antisocial etc. So I told myself to go talk to her, not as a guy with a crush, but as a person looking to know another person more and be friends. I mean, if we're friends, it's REALLY 200% good enough for me, she's so great, any feeling would matter. So that's my plan: try to approach her with that idea in mind. But I still can't. why? She's never opened for conversation! Let's see. On weekends, no way to contact her, and she lives hella far anyway. On weekdays/school days. Morning before bell, she hangs with her 2 typical female friends in the middle of our overcrowded school hall ( very noisy too ), then first class, well, it's in class and when we get to do team work, she rushes to her 2 friends and her team is always complete ( we never work for more than 3-4 ). After the 2 morning courses, lunch time. Sometimes she stays sometimes not. When she does, she hangs with 10+ female friends playing hacky ( foot n ball game ) and if I enter their sacred circle I'll look weird and outcast ( I never talk to her or to new people or in class, why start now? "where do you come from, buzz off" they'll think )

After school, she rushes to her special bus that brings her miles away from me, and EVERY friggin' day I miss seeing her or hearing her as soon as class ends and she fades in the crowd... sigh...


P.S.: She's not the prettiest, hottest, girl that everyone falls for. It,s the first time I like a girl for both her intellect, style, body, everything reallly. It feels... special and hot girls that act bitchy no longer matter to me. Screw them

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