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I'm nearing the end of my senior year in high school and I'm sort of in a debacle with my boyfriend. Here's how it kinda goes:

I intend to go to a four-year college in the Southern part of my home state of Pennsylvania, and my boyfriend is worried sick over this. He believes that I will cheat on him while I'm in college, either with another guy or with my roommate, assuming she is either lesbian or bisexual. So, in order to calm his tensed nerves, he wants us to get engaged during the summer so he will know for sure that I will not cheat.

I can say straight out that I have never once, in the nearly 2 years I have dated my boyfriend, given him a reason to even think I would cheat on him. I do not believe in cheating, and I know how to control myself. And besides, I am sooooo picky about guys being potential boyfriend material that it takes a whole lot for a male to strike my fancy. I do know that my boyfriend has had a bad experience from a past relationship where his girlfriend cheated on him, but shouldn't my sincere promise to him be enough? Should 2 years of dating be enough to tell him that I would never be unfaithful to him?

I have explained to him clearly that I want to complete college, get my degree, get a career, and become financially stable to a certain degree before I even think about settling down, but he says that he cannot wait that long, and that he will feel more secure knowing that we will have strengthened our bond through engagement.


Can you guys offer me any advice at all? Is my boyfriend rushing time at this point, or am I wrong for not wanting to commit to him at this time? I know that marriage is not a big deal to him, but it's a very big step for me and I seriously want to be sure he is the right guy (which I question at times such as this). It has gotten to a point where my boyfriend brings me random rings from his mom's jewelry box for potential use as an engagement ring :eek:

I'd appreciate any help on this at all.


Dark Stranger - can't wear her own rings to school anymore

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