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Do you see her everyday on the same bus?
-i see her on the bus 2-3 days per week and she usually sits with her friend. it's a school bus, not a city bus. i'm only 17 (still in high school). can't take a different bus.

Even if she isn't allowed to date, why is she so quiet and timid around you?
-see that's what i'm not sure of. she's VERY talkative to her friends and other people but for some reason she gets very quiet when i'm sitting with her. i've seen other guys talk to her and she's talks to them and i KNOW she isn't interested in them (she's a Christian and the guys that talk to her are usually quite disrespectful of women). i'm not sure whether to take her nervousness/timidness as a sign that she may be attracted to me or as a sign that she wants me to take the hint and go away.

If you can, try to befriend her friends.
-probably not possible. i'm not sure how to explain it. they just wouldn't take me seriously. again, i can't seem to put it into words why.

What kind of signals does she give you?
-she likes to look out the window as a talk to her. she tries not to look at me but she smiled and giggled a lot when i talked to her when her friends weren't around. the second time, she gave me one POLITE smile and said almost nothing when her friends were around. not sure whether to take that "not looking me in the eyes" thing as a sign that she likes me or not. i know this all sounds so immature and childish and i'm sorry to put you all through this lol.

what is her body language when you're around?
-again, pretty much doesn't look me in the eyes. genuinely smiles and giggles when she's alone with me. quiet and serious when her friends are around. i think my answers to the other questions above will give the answer to this question.

i definitely need advice on this. i've struck out way too many times. i must be doing SOMETHING wrong.

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