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agree with the above, guys will flirt for the attention, and it doesn't always change with their age... it sounds like these are deep issues youre having, but without any real reason to suspect anything, I would try not to worry--- you're going to doom the relationship if you can't trust your boyfriend..... pretty well any relationship i've been in, I've had similar things in way of the girls flirting with my guy, asking them out, asking them to go home with them or out to dinner or out for a drink, asking him the classic "so... do you have a girlfriend"... it happens, but if the guys worth it, he'll pass them off and always "come home ot you" and won't act upon anything... I'd treat it nothing more than an annoyance... especially because you both are so young

you guys were broken up, so you can't get upset about him heading out with a friend for one evening... that would be like getting upset about ex-girlfriends imo... and even though you asked him not to talk to your "flirty friend", isn't that a little controlling? If anything you should sit down with him and calmly explain that you don't appreciate how he had been behaving and you'd appreciate him respecting your wishes, by trying not to lead people on... and as far as what he's said to the other people ["hey sexy"]- I wouldn't put that much beyond joking around with friends, my friends and I do that all of the time, from highschool and well into our college years, and yes, even in front of our relations because they know that we're just joking...

just take a breather, and try not to push it too far- just talk to him if it's that much of a bother... otherwise I'd try to let it go... and move on in your relationship with him...

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